Welcome to the official website for GAME dot AWESOME, an awesome webshow hosted on YouTube! But- you probably knew that already, seeing as you're here. However, what you most likely didn't know is that this site isn't just about GAME dot AWESOME, it's about games in general...No, it's about awesome games in general. As a gamer for 90% of my natural life, I have always wanted to bring together a community of gamers towards one common goal: enjoying really bad ass games, and that is mostly what this site is about. While there are plenty of great gaming sites out there like IGN, Gamespot, and so many more, I firmly believe that there is not a single place on the net more friendly, outgoing, helpful, supportive, and community-oriented than the official GAME dot AWESOME site. We don't see gaming as just as a hobby or a recreational activity- we see it as a way of life, and because of that, we want to help anyone and everyone we can to enjoy their games to the fullest and provide them with an active and friendly community to discuss, play, and even create games, and that my friends is why I created this website. Not just for myself, not just for my friends, not even just for GAME dot AWESOME, but for you- to help us celebrate the joyous activity which is gaming, and bring it to many other people world wide. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, get involved, and enjoy the site. I know you will.

                         Stay awesome,

                                      - Matthew Wright, GDA Founder